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Protecting Your Vision from AMD

Affecting more than 150 million patients worldwide, age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is a leading cause of blindness in the world. AMD causes blurry vision or blindness, particularly in the central field of vision, as deposits of lipid or fatty proteins begin to accumulate under the retina. There are two forms of AMD — “wet” and “dry,” with the wet form representing a more advanced stage of the disease.

Early detection through routine eye exams is key, and there are some treatments available to help prevent or slow the progression of vision loss.

(In fact, Mass. Eye and Ear/Harvard Medical School researchers developed the first pharmaceutical treatment approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the wet form of AMD, and they conducted groundbreaking research that led to current anti-VEGF treatments. They’ve also been exploring some promising new therapies to control the dry form.)

As part of a video series launched during AMD Awareness Month, the Angiogenesis Foundation sat down with Deeba Husain, M.D., a retina specialist at Mass. Eye and Ear, who offered further insight on protecting your vision from AMD.

Check out the video above, and, if it’s been a while, remember to schedule your dilated eye exam.

Download a transcript of the Protecting Your Vision from AMD video.




  1. henryk j szewczynski

    I am 73 yrs old and have been diagnosed with both cataracts and rt eye macular pucker. Looking for recommendations regarding treatment.
    Will cataract surgery improve my rt eye vision ? Are there risks of diminishing my vision? Other contraindications to that surgery given my cataract diag?
    Other than hypertension, hypocholesteremia and some weight issues my health is good, don’ smoke limited alcohol.

    Thanks for your help

    • Ryan Jaslow

      Hi Henry, thanks for reading our blog on AMD and for leaving a comment. Unfortunately we can’t provide any medical recommendations through our Focus blog, we encourage you to call one of our ophthalmologists to make an appointment at 617-573-3202. Here’s more information on our cataract service.

  2. Susan Murphy

    I am currently (the past 3 years) being treated for wet AMD. I will be in the Boston area in October and wondered if it were possible to have a consultation visit. I live in New Mexico and would welcome the opportunity to come to Mass Eye and Ear to talk with someone and get their insight. Thanks for any assist you can give.

    • Ryan Jaslow

      Hi Susan, please call 617-573-3202 for an appointment with a member of our retina service during your upcoming visit to Boston.